How To Style Latex Balloons

I’m sharing some of my favourite ways to style latex balloons………

Latex balloons have been a party essential forever!
Not only are they a cheap party decoration they can be styled in so many amazing ways.

Black marble balloons + black latex balloons styled as a bunch and tied at different heights with fishing line onto a balloon weight.

Latex balloons can be filled with air or helium.
Sophia modelling her birthday balloons – a bunch of gold and white latex balloons by Kathleen.

PARTY TIP: I buy a helium tank from the warehouse (keep an eye out for when they go on sale) and fill my balloons up at home!  A $50 tank easily fills a number foil balloon and several latex balloons and can be stashed away for another party!  One tank will only fill two jumbo balloons!  You can also hire larger helium tanks from balloon shops if you have lots of balloons to fill.

Style latex balloons in bunches with a number foil balloon for a real statement or have a bunch on either side of table to balance the table visually.
(We have more black number balloons arriving in the next week)

I love how the black latex balloons are matt black, they look so cool with our gold number balloons!

For creating these Halloween balloons I wrote on our black balloons with a blackboard pen.

Decorate latex balloons with stickers.

I used vinyl wall stickers to decorate these pink latex balloons for Sophia’s Ice cream party.

Using balloon sticks instead of helium is a cheaper alternative and it also makes great party favors that children can take home their own party balloon!

Create a balloon number shape backdrop for a birthday party table.
(source unknown)

Create  a simple balloon tail for jumbo balloons like Tarryn made for her sons party out of fresh greenery or our willow garlands.

I made these pretty glitter feather balloon tails for Sophia’s Swan Lake Party, you can find the tutorial on the blog.

We stock marble balloon packs in three colour ways: pink, blue and black.

We sell standard sized 30cm helium quality balloons in plain colours: nude, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, lavender, purple, blue, teal, green, black, silver and gold packs.

And nude, white, pink, blue, black, silver and gold jumbo balloons.

Nude standard and jumbo balloons are perfect for filling with our tissue confetti, anything heavier weighs down the helium.

PARTY TIP: Use a funnel to fill nude balloons with confetti, gently fit the neck of the balloon around the funnel and gently push the confetti through with a pen or pencil (I like to use the rubber end of a pencil)  When filling the balloon with helium do so slowly.

Here’s a guideline for filling balloons with helium.

If you are doing a baby shower gender reveal use our black jumbo balloons and the pink or mint tissue confetti to reveal your babies sex.

Tie nude helium balloons filled with confetti to chairs.

Create a balloon garland, here’s a simple video DIY tutorial by classy clutter.


PARTY TIP If your hubby has a compressor its quicker to fill them up instead of blowing them up by mouth.  If filling with helium make sure you fill them the day of the event
Using balloon weights is the perfect way to weigh down your helium balloons so they don’t float away!

Just to note, all balloons are temperamental and delicate they can be affected by heat.  When inflating balloons be careful not to tear the neck of the balloon, fill them too fast or too big.


Party Decorations

We can help you create an amazing party with our range of party decorations………

You may of noticed how popular party decorations are becoming
Party Balloons have become a real statement piece to decorating a party and having birthday photos.
Most party decorations we sell are also being reused in children’s bedrooms

White Latex Balloons used a balloon garland and I used jasmine from the garden, you can use our willow or ivy garlands for the same effect | Gold Triangle Garland | Unicorn Garland from Love From Seventeen

Pop Roc Parties Unicorn Bubbles

Gold Foil Number Balloons | Unicorn Bubbles

Pop Roc Parties Gold Love Garland

Pop Roc Parties Garlands

Meri Meri Fiesta Bunting | Gold Glitter Pennant Letters spelt out as love!

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Sophias Swan Lake Party

Gold Glitter Letter Pennants (used as a Sophia garland) which now hangs in Sophia’s bedroom | Silver Foil Number Balloon

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Cake & Happy Birthday Garland

Meri Meri All Wrapped Up Happy Birthday Garland + birthday cake by Little & Loved


Decorating a birthday party can be as simple as a garland hanging behind the party table or a foil number balloon filled with helium!

We have an amazing range of party decorations curated so you can be creative with how you express yourself through your party and budget!

My MUST HAVE party decorations would be a foil number balloon + willow garland!

PARTY TIP: I buy a helium tank from the warehouse (keep an eye out for when they go on sale) and fill my balloons up at home!  A $50 tank easily fills a number balloon and several latex balloons and can be stashed away for another party!  One tank will only fill two jumbo balloons!  You can also hire larger helium tanks from balloon shops if you have lots of balloons to fill.





Celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

Life is a fiesta!

Here are some ideas for celebrating Cinco de Mayo……….

Pop Roc Parties Fiesta Bunting

Our Meri Meri Fiesta party garland is the perfect Cinco de Mayo party decoration

Pop Roc Parties Meri Meri Fiesta CupsWe stock matching Meri Meri Fiesta paper cups in the same six colourways

Pop Roc Parties Meri Meri Fiesta Plates

Meri Meri Fiesta square scallop edge paper plates, perfect for serving up tacos!

Pop Roc Parties Fiesta NapkinsMatchy matchy adorable Fiesta napkins

Cinco de Mayo food ideas………

Here’s some yummy appertiser ideas for Cinco de Mayo party food:

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Cinco de Mayo | Hot Mexican Street Corn Dip

Hot Mexican Street Corn Dip by Rookie Cookie

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Cinco de Mayo | Queso Fundido

Cheesy Queso Fundido (cheesy chorizo dip) by The Suburban Soapbox

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Cinco de Mayo | Seven Layer Dip

Visually delicious 7 layer dip by The Girl Who Ate Everything, I think these would look perfect served up in our clear cups.

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Cinco de Mayo | Tostada

Tostadas by Somewhat Simple

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Cinco de Mayo | Flank Steak Tacos

Flank Steak Tacos by The Garlic Diaries

Pop Roc Parties | Party Blog | Churros

Homemade Churros are so delicious and actually quite easy to make, I think thought would be perfect served up in our Eco Chic Cones

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Cinco de Mayo | Mini Choco Taco

Mini Choco Tacos by Spoon Fork Bacon

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Cinco de Mayo | Pink Senorita

Want an alternative to margaritas to serve your guests?  Try this pretty pink senorita cocktail by Superman Cooks

For more Fiesta party products check out our party collection here and Cinco de Mayo inspiration on Pinterest.








Baby Shower Planning Tips With Global Baby…………


Pop Roc Parties Blog Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party

The lovely Anita from Global Baby asked me to share some tips on throwing a perfect baby shower on her blog so I thought I would share them with you too:

I love throwing parties and pregnant Mummas are always a great excuse to celebrate! I actually had a baby shower for each of my three pregnancies and I have to admit things had changed a lot in those five years!

Here are some of my top tips to throwing a gorgeous wee baby shower for that special Mumma to be……….

Pop Roc Parties Blog Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party Table

1 – Plan a theme

Pop Roc Parties Blog Baby Shower
Most parties are put together well but having a theme and colours to follow, it makes it easier to narrow down choices and fine tune the aesthetic you are aiming for/wanting.  Always keep in mind what you think the mother to be would love.

My favourite baby shower themes are:

Milk & Cookies

Garden Party 

Donut Party

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Pop Roc Parties Blog Garden Party Table

2- Invitations

Pop Roc Parties Invitations

Invitations are always the beginning of planning and they should always match the party theme in some way or another (colours, patterns or theme). If you would like to create your own you can do so on Photoshop,  Canva  which has loads of free layouts, and it’s easy to use. Once you’ve chosen your theme it’ll be a lot easier to select an invitation template in Canva, this gives your event consistency, and gives your guests a hint about what to expect on the day. Another great free design site is Picmonkey.

Otherwise Etsy offers a amazing range of printable invites which you can get cheaply printed at Warehouse stationery or your local print shop.

3 – Food

Throwing a baby shower in the afternoon allows you most of the day to prepare and means you can serve easy appetisers.  Grazing platters are so on trend at the moment and I have to admit I love them!

Pop Roc Parties Blog Baby Shower Food Ideas
Food ideas:

-mini savory muffins with a slice of cream cheese slotted on top
-cheese and crackers with relishes (assortment of hard cheeses is a good idea)
-macarons or mini cookies
-mini pizza pinwheels
-About to POP popcorn in cello bags as single servings
-mini servings of granola, yoghurt and berries
-bliss balls or raw slices
-mini cupcakes

Pop Roc Parties Blog Macarons

4 – Games

Party games are fun, but you can have too much of a good thing, plus you want to give the guests a chance to talk to each other too.

-Guess the baby stats
-Pin the dummy on the baby
-Advice for the mum to be cards
-Guess the baby food

5 – Thank-you cards

It’s always nice to send out thank-you cards after the event, and trust me, even if you’re tired and pregnant, it’s still much easier if you get them out before the baby arrives!

You can use the same template for your thank-you cards that you used for your invitations.

Pop Roc Parties Thank You Stickers

For all your baby shower party supplies you can shop our range here and for party inspiration check out our baby shower pinterest board

Pop Roc Parties Blog Baby Girl Shower

Gift Registry

If you’re planning an upcoming baby shower make sure you check out Global Baby’s new Guest Registry function on their website.

It makes it so easy for the host/mum to be to set up for all those items they need, and saves on all those double ups and makes it stress free for the guests to buy a fabulous gift.

Here are some of the most popular items on Global Baby’s gift registries right now:

Pop Roc Parties Blog Baby Shower Gift Idea

Bugaboo + Storksak Leather Nappy Bag 

Pop Roc Parties Blog Baby Shower Book Gift Idea

You Simply Can’t Spoil a Newborn book by Dorothy Waide

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Chekoh Wrap From Global Baby

Chekoh Original Wrap

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Sleep Tight Swaddle From Gloabl Baby

Sleep Tight Baby – The Legs Out Swaddle





Bodie’s Dinosaur Party – FEATURED PARTY!

Inspiring Dinosaur Birthday Party………

I’m so happy to share this natural inspired Dinosaur party.

This party is created by our amazing customer Tracey, for her son Bodie’s 3rd birthday party.

Pop Roc Parties | Happy Birthday Balloons

I hope sharing this party will inspire you for creating a boy’s themed birthday party!

You can also check out Bodie’s 1st birthday Ice Cream Party here

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party Table

I love the food stacked on our wood slabs (from our hire collection)

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party | Wooden Slab | Pop Roc Parties Hire

Pop Roc Parties | Dinosaur Party | Wooden Slab

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party

Pop Roc Parties | Dinosaur Party | Wooden Slab

Pop Roc Parties | Dinosaur Party | Whitewash Crates

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party | Magnolia Kitchen Dinosaur Cake

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party | Wooden Log

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party | Log Seats

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party Bags

Pop Roc Parties Party SuppliesBalloons + Willow Garland + Ivy Garland + Mason Jar Drink Dispenser + White Wash Crates + Monsteria Leaves

Pop Roc Parties Party HireWooden Slabs + Wooden Log Seats + Children’s Trestle Tables

Magnolia KitchenDinosaur Birthday Cake + Cinnamon Donuts

Cockle Bay Bake ShopDino Cupcakes

Styled + photographed by Tracey Atkin






Easter Table

Celebrating Easter with a special Easter table…….

This year I set up this simple little Easter table setting for the children which is what I will set up again on Easter Sunday for a special cooked breakfast after the Easter Egg hunt.

I seriously can’t believe how fast Easter has come around this year!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Supplies

Easter to me is always so special, I look forward to the change of season and a really nice chunk of time to spend as a family!  We have created some Easter family traditions that the children really look forward too!

They dont need to be over complicated, but just something special to your family!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Hamper Supplies

I don’t buy the kids a lot of Easter Eggs instead they get a Easter Hamper (whitewash crates are due to arrive today) on Good Friday with a chocolate bunny and then get the mini eggs on Sunday in the Easter Egg hunt!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Party Supplies

A fun activity for the kids is writing a letter to the Easter bunny

Pop Roc Parties Easter Party Supplies

Meri Meri Easter Egg Plate, bunny napkins made from our lavender paper napkins, bunny cups, straws, hip hop hooray napkins styled for a Easter table setting

Pop Roc Parties Bunny Bags

Easter Bunny Bags using our Large Kraft Gusset Bags + Jute String, fill with popcorn or other treats

Pop Roc Parties Bunny Cup

Adorable Easter Bunny Cups + Rose Gold Straws

Pop Roc Parties Easter Plate

Meri Meri Easter Plates

Pop Roc Parties Easter Napkins

Meri Meri Easter Hip Hop Hooray Napkins with beautiful gold foil detailing complete a Easter table place setting.

Pop Roc Parties Easter Bucket

Buckets filled with Easter Eggs + Willow Garland as a Easter table decoration.

Pop Roc Parties Easter Table

Meri Meri Easter Cake Toppers in a pail of popcorn (and re-use as a cake topper on a carrot cake) is such a cute way to serve the kids food and a great Easter table centrepiece!

Pop Roc Parties Happy Easter Table

What I love about the Meri Meri Easter products is they are such amazing quality, the Happy Easter garland can be re-used every year and stored away in its cute packaged box, the cake toppers can be wiped cleaned and re-used, you can even slip off the bunny cup sleeves to re-use next Easter with a plain paper cup and the Easter Egg Kit is perfect for re-using!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Egg Hunt

Super cute Meri Meri Easter Egg Hunt kits!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Egg Hunt

Our mini buckets for collecting eggs.

Pop Roc Parties Easter Garland

Meri Meri liberty Easter garland

Pop Roc Parties Green Liberty Party Supplies

Another great range for setting a Easter table is this beautiful  Meri Meri Liberty green tableware






I’ve been crushing on all things Cactus since I was able to order in Cactus party supplies!

So I wanted to create this Cactus Party Edit to share all of our cactus goodies for creating a fiesta or cactus party!

We have such a great selection of cactus themed products.

I’m just dreaming of what type of cactus party I want to style.

Our Cactus range includes My Little Day Cactus Balloon packs

Pop Roc Parties | Cactus Foil BalloonCactus Foil Balloons with would look perfect with our number foil balloons!

Green Cactus honeycomb decorations which make for perfect table decorations!

You can also create your own cactus balloons like this one from Design Improvised using our green latex balloons.

Our My Little Day cactus tableware range hails all the way from France and includes cactus paper cups, napkins and party plates!

Cactus Part Tableware | Pop Roc Parties

Cactus Paper Cups | Cactus Party Plates | Cactus Napkins

These green cactus candles will make any rustic birthday cake look amazing!

Pop Roc Parties | Cactus Pinata

Pinatas make parties so much fun, wouldn’t be complete with a fun cactus pinata to bash!

Cactus party supplies are perfect for Fiesta parties

Balloon Fiesta by  Studio DIY

Fiesta party by Inpired by This

Wild Wild West Party

Wild Wild West party by Perfectly Sweet

Cacti Pink Party

Cactus Fiesta party by Laura’s Little Party

Desert Vibes Party by Wild Child Party Store

Tacos and cactus’s go hand in hand and this ‘taco about a party’ by studio DIY is amazing

These Cactus Churros by Haut Appetit are insane!

And what party isn’t complete without cupcakes, these cactus cupcakes by The House That Lars Built even comes with a video tutorial in the link.