A Pups 1st Birthday

You know we love a good party and when I was asked by Mindy of Twig and Arrow to share this doggy 1st birthday party I couldn’t resist!


Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Party
The idea was the brainchild of the photographer and golden retrievers ‘Shelby’s’ mum Anna Munro.
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Table
Anna and her assistant Miranda Zander worked with cake maker Grace at Sweet bakery to design a concept and whole menu of totally dog friendly treats.
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Cake
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Food
They asked me to style it and I think I said YES!!!!
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Popcorn
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Party Plates
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Drinks
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Pupcakes
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Toys
Quiet loudly with the excitement of getting to work with some very cute dogs.
Pop Roc Parties Blog
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Pup Feast
I was inspired by the gender neutral colors of grassy green bright tennis ball green black and white.
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Treats
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Goodies
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Pups
Grace of Sweet bakery and Cakery made beautiful completely pet edible deserts that the dogs when crazy for.
Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pups 1st Birthday Cake Testing

I sourced goods and materials from:

Stables Imports – Dog Pillows

Pop Roc PartiesBalloons

KmartDog Treats Poop Bags

BunningsFaux Grass

I handmade the coffee sack bow tie collars


Pop Roc Parties Blog | Pup Party Get The Look

Grey Stripe Paper Bags | Square Eco Chic Plates | Black Stripe Napkins

Blackboard Pegs | Black Bucket | White Balloons

Yellow Balloons | Black Balloons | Green Balloons


If you would like to throw a pup party make sure the dogs know one another.

These three all play together regularly so it made for a really chilled afternoon. We until Shelby discovered she was tall enough to eat from the table.

But she was the birthday girl so…


Anna – Wellingtonphotographer.net


Grace – Sweetbakery.co.nz


Mindy – Twigandarrow.com










Batman Party Inspiration

I thought I would share some inspiration on throwing a Batman Party……….


Pop Roc Parties Blog | Beau's Batman Party Table

I have always loved Batman, I have such fond memories of watching the 1960’s tv series with my dad and brother as a child.  Which actually inspired Beau’s Batman 5th birthday party that I threw last year!

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Beau's Batman Party Kids Table

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Beau's Batman Party Set Up

I have curated a Batman Party collection on the website in a black, white and gold colour scheme

When planning a party once you have decided on a party theme choose your colour scheme I usually pick 2-3 colours plus a metallic accent colour like silver or gold.

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Beau's Batman Party Table Setting

Our batman mask doubles as a party table setting decoration and party favor the kids can take home!

Our gold foil letter balloons spell out NA NA NA which was the perfect simple backdrop for this theme

If you can set up the table and backdrop the day before the party that gives you a chance to play around with where everything is going to be placed and what food will go on what dish.  Pop a post-it note on the dish of the food that will go on it so if anyone is helping you, you can easily direct them to set up the food on the table.  I have to admit that I actually didn’t plan it out to well for this party I just thought I would wing it so there are so many things I would now tweak.

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Batman Party Balloons

Black foil number balloon + black marble balloons work in well for the monochrome colour scheme

A black perspex batman cake topper I had custom made by Love From Seventeen (which is available to hire) made the perfect statement piece for the simple birthday cake I made (sitting on our black milk glass cake stand)

A wee party flatlay of the party items, I loved keeping the colours monotone but working in patterns of the products to keep the table setting interesting.
I used a black stripe napkin paired with a marble hexagon shaped paper plate, mini milk bottles with black chevron paper straws.

I served chicken nuggets and hot chips (Beau’s favourite) in our noodle boxes

In keeping with the marble I made these marble fondant sugar cookies using our batman cookie cutter.
These cookies were actually easy to make, here’s a link to making sugar cookies.  You can make sugar cookies a week in advance (they last for so long and I love being able to make things earlier, the less you have to make the day before right!) and the fondant can be done a couple of days earlier.  Here’s a link to making the marble fondant and you can attach the fondant to the cookie with apricot jam.

Batman Mask

Oreo cookie stack on our small hire black milk glass cake stand

Batman sugar cookies packaged in our long cello bags tied with black 12 ply bakers twine for take home party favors.

The sugar cookie batch makes so many cookies, these were a cheap addition to the party favors

Black chevron paper straws in our mini milk bottles for the adults, each child had a bottle on their table setting.

Old fashioned lemonade served in our mason drink dispenser, these dispensers are such a great size and I always pop mine on a whitewash crate (upside down) so there’s enough room to place a cup or bottle underneath without having the dispenser on the edge of a table.

I make up homemade lemonade (or a punch without the lemonade) a day before the party and store it in the fridge in recycled plastic bottles so the day of the party I can easily give someone else the job of placing ice and the drinks in the drink dispenser!

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Batman Party Food Platter

Always have food to serve adults, I created this platter of Oreo marshmallow sandwiches, sausage rolls (extras from the kids food) seeded crackers I made with brie and Magnolia Kitchen chocolate macarons.  This platter was placed on our coffee table away from the party table.



When planning a party I always start with creating a pinterest pin board, I pin my favourite ideas and products I want to use so I  can see everything together just like creating a mood board and I can link back to ideas like DIY marble fondant closer to the time.  I always find there is some great idea I have forgotten about but its on my pin board to remind me.



Pop Roc Parties Blog | Batman Party Supplies
Gold Letter N A N A N A Balloons | Black Marble Balloons



Batman Party Hire Products

The products featured in Beau’s Batman Party that are available to hire:

Black Small Rococo Cake Stand | Large Black Rococo Cake Stand
Black Small Milk Glass Cake Stand | Black Medium Milk Glass Cake Stand
Mini Milk Bottles | Mason Drink Dispenser | White Petite Sweets Compotes
Children’s Tolix Chairs | Children’s Trestle Tables | Whitewash Crates

Party Styling by Juls Cavanagh

Photography by Nadine Canestri












Bodie’s Dinosaur Party – FEATURED PARTY!

Inspiring Dinosaur Birthday Party………

I’m so happy to share this natural inspired Dinosaur party.

This party is created by our amazing customer Tracey, for her son Bodie’s 3rd birthday party.

Pop Roc Parties | Happy Birthday Balloons

I hope sharing this party will inspire you for creating a boy’s themed birthday party!

You can also check out Bodie’s 1st birthday Ice Cream Party here

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party Table

I love the food stacked on our wood slabs (from our hire collection)

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party | Wooden Slab | Pop Roc Parties Hire

Pop Roc Parties | Dinosaur Party | Wooden Slab

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party

Pop Roc Parties | Dinosaur Party | Wooden Slab

Pop Roc Parties | Dinosaur Party | Whitewash Crates

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party | Magnolia Kitchen Dinosaur Cake

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party | Wooden Log

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party | Log Seats

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Dinosaur Party Bags

Pop Roc Parties Party SuppliesBalloons + Willow Garland + Ivy Garland + Mason Jar Drink Dispenser + White Wash Crates + Monsteria Leaves

Pop Roc Parties Party HireWooden Slabs + Wooden Log Seats + Children’s Trestle Tables

Magnolia KitchenDinosaur Birthday Cake + Cinnamon Donuts

Cockle Bay Bake ShopDino Cupcakes

Styled + photographed by Tracey Atkin






Stella & Spencer’s Party

Stella & Spencer’s Combined Birthday Party……


Stella & Spencers Party Invitation | Pop Roc Parties

I’m so excited to share this amazing combined birthday party Kim threw for her children Stella & Spencer!

I adore all the natural elements and simple details Kim has created for this beautiful Farmers Market party



What was the Theme of your party?

The theme was farmers market, both our kids love heading to the markets on the weekends and we wanted something a bit different to the inevitable Princess, Pirate and Frozen parties coming up this party season.

Stella & Spencer's Farmers Market Party | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Stella's S pinata | Pop Roc Parties Blog

What was the inspiration behind your theme?

Natural and homemade. I did as much of the design by foraging and DIY.

The kids loved helping me with this.

Stella & Spencers Party Favors | Pop Roc Parties Blog

What was the most memorable moment from your event.

The look on the kids’ faces when they got up the morning of the party and saw the balloons up and the table setting.

They were so excited.

Yay Balloon | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Yay Balloon

Stellas Party Crown | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Stella & Spencer's Party Flowers | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Do you have a tip to share from your event?

Plan early to take advantage of specials.

Stella & Spencers Table | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Involve the kids, they were so much help foraging and they loved it.

Stella & Spencers Party Table Setting | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Cake Boxes | Silver Star Napkins | Wooden Cutlery | Bakers Twine | Mini Milk Bottles

Stella & Spencer's Party Table | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Straws | Wooden Spoons | Noodle Boxes

Natural Ivy | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Stella's Cake | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Spencers Birthday Cake | Pop Roc Parties Blog

InvitationsCaptured Write

CakeSweet Bakery and Cakery

PhotographerKim Len

Party Supplies:

Noodle Boxes, Silver Star Napkins, Foil Straws, Cake Boxes, Table cover – From Pop Roc Parties

YAY Ballon, Mini Lollipop, Twine, Thank you stamp, Party plates – From Sweet Pea Parties

Wooden Serving Boards, Cake Stands, Timber Card holders, Cake Toppers (two and Four) – From  Madelovelyhire

CateringAll Kim Len

FloralsMoore Wilsons and foraging, arranged by Kim Len.

Thanks for letting me share Kim x









Nikau’s Animal Party – Featured Party!

Annaliese has shared her son Nikau’s Animal party and 1st birthday as our featured party!

Nikau just loves lions so we decided to go with an animal theme.

We didn’t follow it through 100% and the theme swapped and changed and ended up being a bit of everything eg mint and silver, confetti and animals.

I’m a daycare teacher and Nikau comes to work with me and his absolute favourite toy that he was so attached to was a plastic lion. Every morning he would seek it out and not let it go for the majority of the day.  That’s how the animal theme came about the other themes came up as I was shopping at Pop Roc Parties and saw so many pretty things!

Popcorn in our Eco Chic cones and cone tray

Cute animal cupcakes

Mini milk bottles with confetti + mint stripe paper straws

Celebrating with my little Nikau. It was a very emotional day for me. It was full of laughter one minute and tears the other. I just couldn’t believe my baby was one.

Nikau also enjoyed his first ever baking (cupcake) and a marshmallow which I think was his highlight.


Enjoy the day and try not to be too stressed, everything will work out!


Cake Pretty Little Details

Photographer Annaliese

Outfit George Henry number 1 top, Goblin Baby black merino cardigan, black bobux shoes, farmers black tights, MOX white crown.

Catering – Annaliese and her mum

Party Supplies Pop Roc Parties (listed below), Spotlight, Kmart, personalised Nikau Cake topper from Love From Seventeen

-Whitewash wooden crates

-Mini bright confetti dots

-Eco Chic Cones

-Cone Tray

-Eco Chic Wooden Cutlery

-Meri Meri Toot Sweet mint stripe paper plates

-Meri Meri Toot Sweet mint stripe paper napkins

-Mini Milk Glass Bottles

-Confetti Paper Straws

-Mint Stripe Paper Straws

For more party inspiration check out our Animal Party Pinterest board











2015 Halloween Party

Last year I hosted a simple neighbourhood Halloween Party I invited a few local families and the children dressed up as cute as can be!



Halloween Party Food


Ice Cream Cups


Sugar Skull Paper Cups


I asked the families to bring a plate of sweet and savory spooky food to share for a early dinner, and boy this was the best thing I have ever done hosting a party!


Mummy + Zombie Pizzas


It took so much pressure off me to prepare everything and the best part was seeing what people had created.


We had a few double ups like mummy sausages and ghost strawberries which was funny!




I decided to try out the witch face guacamole and apple monsters that I came across when I blogged about healthy Halloween party food


I totally should of referred to the picture before putting this witch together, it looks like she got a hell of a fright!


I also made bloody finger dogs


These are so easy, just grab some par-baked dinner rolls, cocktail sausages and tomato sauce!


Spider web sugar cookies


For more inspiration and Halloween party food ideas take a look at my Halloween Pinterest board and Halloween Costume board


Our party games included bobbing for apples


and the donut game



After dinner we all went trick or treating on our street which was a great opportunity to meet more of our neighbours!


I am so looking forward to hosting another Halloween party this year!








Easter Garden Party

IMG_3943I adore the idea of a Easter garden party for the kids followed with an epic Easter egg hunt

IMG_3888On the menu was classic hot cross buns

IMG_3892Bunny bark in white pails

IMG_3877Bunny egg sandwiches

IMG_3875Popcorn in white pails

IMG_3889Carrot and dip in mini dessert jars

IMG_3912Chocolate egg nests and banana milk in mini milk bottles

IMG_3874I gave each child a mini bucket to collect eggs for the hunt with blackboard sticker labels for their name

Easter Garden Party BirdsEyeDoesn’t the yellow chevron table runner look striking?

Easter Garden Party Table

IMG_3909IMG_3949IMG_3964Egg Collection