Chocolate Whip

This has been my ‘go to’ dessert over the last month, so quick, easy, healthy and delectable!

Chocolate Whip

Chocolate Whip

1 avocado
1 banana (I prefer frozen)
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
1/4 cup cocoa or cacao powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 Tablespoon 100% maple syrup (optional)

Mix in a blender until smooth
Sprinkle with cacao nibs

Photographed in our white enamel bowls

Chocolate Whip Birdseye


Rudolph Chocolate Spoon Favors

Pop Roc Parties Rudolph Chocolate Spoons

This year I made my daughter’s class mates chocolate Rudolph spoons as their wee Christmas gift, they were surprisingly easy to make the hardest part was fending the kids off them while they were setting!

Pop Roc Parties Rudolph Chocolate SpoonsRUDOLPH CHOCOLATE SPOONS

Makes about 28-30 spoons

1 Block Whittakers 50% dark chocolate block

Bag of Jaffas

Bag of pretzels

White chocolate or white sugar pearls

Piping bag and no.2 tip (if using white chocolate)

Wooden spoons

Cello bags

Twist ties

Pop Roc Parties Rudolph Chocolate Spoons-Cut pretzels in half

-Cut up chocolate into pieces and melt in a double boiler or Tupperware microwave jug in the microwave

-Lay out the pretzels, jaffas and sugar pearls ready to stick on once chocolate is melted

Pop Roc Parties Rudolph Chocolate Spoons-Spoon chocolate onto spoons with a teaspoon

Pop Roc Parties Rudolph Chocolate Spoons-Place one jaffa onto chocolate, then pretzels, then add sugar pearls.  If using chocolate for the eyes wait until the dark chocolate has set before melting the white chocolate and piping it on

Pop Roc Parties Rudolph Chocolate SpoonsPop Roc Parties Rudolph Chocolate Spoons-Once the chocolate has set gently pop them into a cello bag and tie with a twist tie

Doesn’t the twist ties look like a cute little scarf?

Rudolph Chocolate Spoon FavorI love them on our red chevron wooden spoons too!

Pop Roc Parties Rudolph Chocolate SpoonsJulie

Handmade Gift Ideas

Our packaging supplies are one of the biggest sellers at this time of year, it makes me so happy to know people are taking pride and enjoy packaging gifts whether they are homemade or brought.

Sometimes that attention to detail and special touches to packaging gifts just make it that much more special

Chocolates with gold leafI have made a selection of goodies to give to family and friends including

White Choc PyramidsCookies & cream pyramid chocolates using our new chocolate moulds with gold leaf detailing (We also sell a pineapple mould)

Chelseas Muesli in Kraft Tin Tie BagsChelsea Winter’s muesli from Everyday Delicious packaged in our kraft window tin tie bags

Salted Caramel Hot Choc in Quilted JarSalted caramel hot chocolate jars using Maiko Nagao gift tags which you can download for free here pictured with our pretty mirror disco balls and bakers twine

If you would like the recipe from Seeded at the Table you can find it here

I would love to hear what handmade gifts you love to make

x Julie