Easter Table

Celebrating Easter with a special Easter table…….

This year I set up this simple little Easter table setting for the children which is what I will set up again on Easter Sunday for a special cooked breakfast after the Easter Egg hunt.

I seriously can’t believe how fast Easter has come around this year!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Supplies

Easter to me is always so special, I look forward to the change of season and a really nice chunk of time to spend as a family!  We have created some Easter family traditions that the children really look forward too!

They dont need to be over complicated, but just something special to your family!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Hamper Supplies

I don’t buy the kids a lot of Easter Eggs instead they get a Easter Hamper (whitewash crates are due to arrive today) on Good Friday with a chocolate bunny and then get the mini eggs on Sunday in the Easter Egg hunt!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Party Supplies

A fun activity for the kids is writing a letter to the Easter bunny

Pop Roc Parties Easter Party Supplies

Meri Meri Easter Egg Plate, bunny napkins made from our lavender paper napkins, bunny cups, straws, hip hop hooray napkins styled for a Easter table setting

Pop Roc Parties Bunny Bags

Easter Bunny Bags using our Large Kraft Gusset Bags + Jute String, fill with popcorn or other treats

Pop Roc Parties Bunny Cup

Adorable Easter Bunny Cups + Rose Gold Straws

Pop Roc Parties Easter Plate

Meri Meri Easter Plates

Pop Roc Parties Easter Napkins

Meri Meri Easter Hip Hop Hooray Napkins with beautiful gold foil detailing complete a Easter table place setting.

Pop Roc Parties Easter Bucket

Buckets filled with Easter Eggs + Willow Garland as a Easter table decoration.

Pop Roc Parties Easter Table

Meri Meri Easter Cake Toppers in a pail of popcorn (and re-use as a cake topper on a carrot cake) is such a cute way to serve the kids food and a great Easter table centrepiece!

Pop Roc Parties Happy Easter Table

What I love about the Meri Meri Easter products is they are such amazing quality, the Happy Easter garland can be re-used every year and stored away in its cute packaged box, the cake toppers can be wiped cleaned and re-used, you can even slip off the bunny cup sleeves to re-use next Easter with a plain paper cup and the Easter Egg Kit is perfect for re-using!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Egg Hunt

Super cute Meri Meri Easter Egg Hunt kits!

Pop Roc Parties Easter Egg Hunt

Our mini buckets for collecting eggs.

Pop Roc Parties Easter Garland

Meri Meri liberty Easter garland

Pop Roc Parties Green Liberty Party Supplies

Another great range for setting a Easter table is this beautiful  Meri Meri Liberty green tableware





Easter Hampers

Last year I started a new family tradition:

Easter Hampers

Kids Easter Hamper CollageI thought I would share what I gave them last year:

Small whitewash wooden crates

Bunny jars, schleich bunnies spray painted (we sell a range of jars you can use)

G Nancy pajamas and Pop Factory Shop pjs (a sweet collab between these two fab ladies) it basically started an obsession with G Nancy, Beau will only wear her pjs!

Jack n Jill Tooth brushes and tooth paste from Little & Loved

Mini buckets with a blackboard stickers for their name for the Easter egg hunt

And a chocolate bunny, we gave Coco a mossy rabbit instead of chocolate

I love the idea of having re-usable items such as the crates and bunny jars, I actually even kept the shredded paper in the crates to reuse this year.  The crates were kept in top of the kids wardrobes but you could easily use them as storage in their bedrooms or playroom during the year

We give these to the kids on Easter/Good Friday



Easter Egg Craft Fun

Every year when Easter rolls around I like to think of easy Easter craft ideas and these decorative Easter Eggs were so much fun!

I love any chance to get my craft on but I have a wee habit of leaving it to the last minute, anyone else relate??

Polystryene Eggs ClusterWhen I ordered in these white  polystyrene eggs into the shop I couldn’t resist pimping them out

IMG_9830With a bit of spray paint, a vivid, glitter and gold glitter tape the world is your Easter egg oyster

IMG_9831Don’t these pink and gold Easter eggs look super cute nesting on our pink shredded paper in our whitewash crates or in the egg carton I also spray painted

IMG_9819Easter Egg CartonAnd for all you last minute Easter shoppers we are offering

20% OFF


Easter collection


Sale ends midnight 31st March and is not valid with any other offer, bank deposits must be received two days after order is placed


March 2016 Party Flatlay Challenge

Pop Roc Parties PARTY FLATLAY MARCHSt Patricks Day Party FlatlaySt. Patrick’s Day

Mini Balloon Topper | Dark Green Stripe Paper Straws | Green Rock Candy | Ball Green Pint Jar | Gold Coins | Rainbow Polka Dot Cupcake Cups

Pop Roc Parties Fruit Party FlatlayFruit

Pop Roc Parties Easter Party FlatlayEaster

Easter Egg Hunt Kit | Surprise Carrots | Shredded Paper

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.04.33 pmCongratulations @tiny_trends_nz for winning our March party flatlay challenge


A Sweet & Simple Easter Party – Featured Party!

Britt from Pip & Co shared this lovely sweet and simple Easter party she threw for her daughter on our Pop Roc Party Lovers Facebook group and she kindly let me share it on the blog.  With so many amazing ideas on Pinterest I will definitely be throwing the children an Easter party next year.  As Britt shows its doesn’t have to be costly or extravagant to be special for the children, it’s also a great way to incorporate an Easter egg hunt!

Pip & Co easter party

Growing up my mum made the holidays magical for myself and my three sisters, which she would say ‘I have taken to a whole new level of crazy’. 

Pip & Co easter party table

It may be a bit crazy but organising this party kept me sane amongst uni assignments and mum life. 

Pip & Co Easter Table Angle View

Pip is two and due to a couple of allergies plus our own personal journey of cutting out sugar and processed food all the kids food and drink was refined sugar-free: Orange choc fudge Bliss Balls, Berry coconut jelly lollies, Popcorn clusters, Hot cross buns, Fruit cups Vege cups and Luke Hines’ Ridic Rocky Road 

Pip & Co Easter Party Cake with Bunnies

The cake was a treat for the adults made up of three layers of Victoria Sponge raspberry coulis filling and white chocolate butter cream icing. 

Pip & Co easter party milk bottles

The kids all went on an Easter egg hunt searching for Easter eggs that were filled with stickers that they then could stick on a cardboard cut out rabbit this was a perfect activity for the 12, 2-3 year old kids we had over.

Pip & Co easter party Egg

Pip & Co Easter party Table Close Up

We went for a subtle hint of bunny using the gorgeous Hubble and Duke bunny socks matched with dusky pinks and greys.

Pip wears:

Hat – Beau Bonnets

Top – Country road

Bloomers – Julie Dausell

Socks – Hubble and Duke

Photos by Brylee Mills Photography