How To Style Latex Balloons

I’m sharing some of my favourite ways to style latex balloons………

Latex balloons have been a party essential forever!
Not only are they a cheap party decoration they can be styled in so many amazing ways.

Black marble balloons + black latex balloons styled as a bunch and tied at different heights with fishing line onto a balloon weight.

Latex balloons can be filled with air or helium.
Sophia modelling her birthday balloons – a bunch of gold and white latex balloons by Kathleen.

PARTY TIP: I buy a helium tank from the warehouse (keep an eye out for when they go on sale) and fill my balloons up at home!  A $50 tank easily fills a number foil balloon and several latex balloons and can be stashed away for another party!  One tank will only fill two jumbo balloons!  You can also hire larger helium tanks from balloon shops if you have lots of balloons to fill.

Style latex balloons in bunches with a number foil balloon for a real statement or have a bunch on either side of table to balance the table visually.
(We have more black number balloons arriving in the next week)

I love how the black latex balloons are matt black, they look so cool with our gold number balloons!

For creating these Halloween balloons I wrote on our black balloons with a blackboard pen.

Decorate latex balloons with stickers.

I used vinyl wall stickers to decorate these pink latex balloons for Sophia’s Ice cream party.

Using balloon sticks instead of helium is a cheaper alternative and it also makes great party favors that children can take home their own party balloon!

Create a balloon number shape backdrop for a birthday party table.
(source unknown)

Create  a simple balloon tail for jumbo balloons like Tarryn made for her sons party out of fresh greenery or our willow garlands.

I made these pretty glitter feather balloon tails for Sophia’s Swan Lake Party, you can find the tutorial on the blog.

We stock marble balloon packs in three colour ways: pink, blue and black.

We sell standard sized 30cm helium quality balloons in plain colours: nude, white, pink, red, orange, yellow, lavender, purple, blue, teal, green, black, silver and gold packs.

And nude, white, pink, blue, black, silver and gold jumbo balloons.

Nude standard and jumbo balloons are perfect for filling with our tissue confetti, anything heavier weighs down the helium.

PARTY TIP: Use a funnel to fill nude balloons with confetti, gently fit the neck of the balloon around the funnel and gently push the confetti through with a pen or pencil (I like to use the rubber end of a pencil)  When filling the balloon with helium do so slowly.

Here’s a guideline for filling balloons with helium.

If you are doing a baby shower gender reveal use our black jumbo balloons and the pink or mint tissue confetti to reveal your babies sex.

Tie nude helium balloons filled with confetti to chairs.

Create a balloon garland, here’s a simple video DIY tutorial by classy clutter.


PARTY TIP If your hubby has a compressor its quicker to fill them up instead of blowing them up by mouth.  If filling with helium make sure you fill them the day of the event
Using balloon weights is the perfect way to weigh down your helium balloons so they don’t float away!

Just to note, all balloons are temperamental and delicate they can be affected by heat.  When inflating balloons be careful not to tear the neck of the balloon, fill them too fast or too big.


Foil Script Balloons

Our new foil script word balloons in gold ‘one’, silver ‘yay’ and rose gold ‘love’ from Northstar Balloons have just arrived and are so popular!

You may have noticed we have been adding lots of new and exciting products to our range and these foil script balloons are my current favorite!!

script-balloons(Image from Oh Happy Day)

Foil script balloons are a perfect versatile striking decoration for so many occasions like birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, parties and weddings!

pop-roc-parties-one-foil-script-balloonThe gorgeous gold ‘one’ script foil balloons are perfect for a 1st birthday party or one year anniversary!
For more 1st birthday party inspiration check out our pinterest board

marlos-1st-birthday-party-tableWe love how Jordan from With the Whittaker’s styled our gold foil script ONE balloon for her daughter Marlo’s 1st birthday party

screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-2-43-48-pm(Image from Temikatrimboli)

The metallic silver foil YAY script balloons are perfect for birthdays, graduations, engagements or any other type of celebration!

love-script-balloon-with-rosesAnd the rose gold foil LOVE script balloons are truly a stunning statement piece for valentines day, parties and weddings!

love-balloon-poppies-by-grace(Image from Poppies from grace)

The best thing about these foil script balloons apart from they look totally fabulous is that you don’t need helium to inflate them, just blow them up by air using the straw included in the packaging within a minute and they last for ages!
(These balloons do slowly deflate over time but can easily refilled again)

love-balloon-nats-next-adventure(Image from Nats Next Adventure)

These self sealing mylar balloons come with holes in the tabs at the top of the foil script balloons to thread for hanging.  I love to use fishing line to hang my balloons to create that floating look!







Woodland Fairy Party – FEATURED PARTY!

I  love woodland parties and combining fairies and the woodland theme is a match made in magical fairyland!

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Table

Jen had incorporated so many cool details in this party, some of my favorites are:

Flowers + pine cones – natural elements always look so good in parties!

The hanging floral backdrop

Fairy themed party food

Fairy flower crowns

The fairy garden kits are genius!

Pallet tables are brilliant!


Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Food

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Cake

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Cupcakes


Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Food

Inspiration behind the theme: Our two daughters have wild imaginations and love playing dress ups, fairies is a popular favourite but we wanted something a bit more than just a fairy party so that’s how we decided on a Woodland Fairy Party. Perfect time for it, just coming out of autumn with all the leaves etc

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Floral Crowns

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Garden Kit

The Most Memorable moment from the event: Would have to be making the fairy gardens. We hired two fairies to come and entertain the children which they loved! But they all really enjoyed getting their fairy garden kits which were personalised and creating a special garden to take home. We had one of the mothers tell us that her daughter kept rearranging the garden once she got home and put it outside for the fairies to come.

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Fairy Garden Kits

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Favors

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Table

Tips from event: basically I collated all the ideas I really wanted and many weeks ahead just started chipping away at them. The best and most effective items or ideas often come from somewhere you would least expect. e.g. pallet seating for the children, lace table-cloth from trade me, birds nest to put the enchanted jelly beans in, driftwood from the beach etc. I put together a party box for my theme and as I collect the items I put them in there ready for the party, (even though it may be months away!!)

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Set Up

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Girls

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Woodland Fairy Party Fairies


CAKE – Made by a friend Alexandra Jones

OUTFITThe Canterbury Playcentre shop


Moss, plates, doilies, toadstools from Pop Roc Parties

Birds nests and willow wreath – Dots n Spots

Flower Crowns – Dollar store and ribbon from Spotlight

Butterflies from Downies florist in Christchurch

Cake Topper- Schleich fairy figurine

FAIRY GARDEN KITS – pots from Bunnings, fences and trees from Terrific Terrariums on trade me, glass vials from Pop Roc Parties

INVITATION – LuckyPlumStudio on Etsy.

Thanks so much for letting me share Jen xx