Bodie’s Ice Cream Party – FEATURED PARTY!

I love pastels and ice cream so when I saw this gorgeous Ice Cream party Tracey created for her son Bodie’s 1st birthday I melted a little!

Bodies Ice Cream Party Cake Smash Photoshoot | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Tracey did such a wonderful job of pulling together so many great ideas like painting over a New World collectables shop to create this the ice cream shop stand

Bodies Ice Cream | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Bodies Ice Cream Party Cake Smash | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Bodies Ice Cream Dripping | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Bodies Ice Cream Party Cake Smash Photoshoot Close Up | Pop Roc Parties Blog

The cake smash photo shoot above was actually used for the party invites (such a great idea!!)

Bodies Ice Cream Party | Pop Roc Parties BlogBodies Ice Cream Party Side Table | Pop Roc Parties BlogBodies Ice Cream Party Cake | Pop Roc Parties Blog

Bodies Ice Cream Party Popcorn

Bodies Ice Cream Party Cookies

Bodies Ice Cream Party Cupcakes

Bodies Ice Cream Party Ice Cream Shop

Bodies Ice Cream Party Lollipops

 Cake smash images – Pregnant Memories

Cake Smash Invites – Deosc Media

Cake – Bay Cake Shop

Cupcakes – Bang Bang Meringue

Cookies – Cockle Bay Cake Shop


Ice cream party supplies collection and Pinterest board

Silver Number One BalloonSilver foil number balloon

Lulu Glass Apothecary JarApothecary Jars we also have a larger range available to hire

Steel PailPails

Mint Stripe Straws 1Mint Stripe Straws

Mini Cello Candy BagCello Bags


Lulu’s 4th Birthday – FEATURED PARTY!

Another beautiful party I spotted on Instagram, I’ve been following Rachel of pipandposymama for a while as she always posts drool worth food pics!

Pop Roc Parties | Lulus 4th Birthday CakeThis 4th birthday party for her daughter Lulu is so dreamy!

The party theme: was pastels and sprinkles, she loves purple so insisted on purple straws, plates and balloons.

Pop Roc Parties Blog | Lulus Party DressLulu Twirling  Outfit: Her new party dress was from Cotton On Kids they have such a gorgeous range of different colours to choose from and gorgeous accessories also.

Pop Roc Parties | Lulus Birthday Party Supplies

Party supplies: Sprinkles and Meri Meri cake topper were from Pop Roc Parties

I got assorted balloons, paper plates, cups, straws from Kmart.

Pop Roc Parties | Lulus 4th Birthday Party Table

Pop Roc Parties | Lulus 4th Birthday Party Food

Lulus Lollies

Catering: was all made by me

Pop Roc Parties | Lulus 4th Birthday Cake Close Up

Pop Roc Parties | Lulus Cake Sprinkles

Pop Roc Parties | Lulus Birthday Eclairs

Inspiration behind the theme: I’ll be honest and say something I could pull together easily and quickly that was done on a small budget while I was ill!

Pop Roc Parties | Lulu and Cake

Most memorable moment: was having all Lulu’s wonderful friends around her singing happy birthday whole she blew out her candles, I won’t ever forget the smile on her face she was so happy.

Pop Roc Parties | Lulus Top Birthday Cake

Tip to share: Keeping the food really simple and making the cake a day or two ahead helped me feel less stressed.

Pop Roc Parties | Lulus 4th Birthday Cake Cut

 Oh forgot the cake, cake was made by me. Layers of chocolate mudcake and dusky rose-pink caramel buttercream.

Meri Meri cake topper and lots of sprinkles as Lulu loves sprinkles.

Lulus Party Bags



A Sweet & Simple Easter Party – Featured Party!

Britt from Pip & Co shared this lovely sweet and simple Easter party she threw for her daughter on our Pop Roc Party Lovers Facebook group and she kindly let me share it on the blog.  With so many amazing ideas on Pinterest I will definitely be throwing the children an Easter party next year.  As Britt shows its doesn’t have to be costly or extravagant to be special for the children, it’s also a great way to incorporate an Easter egg hunt!

Pip & Co easter party

Growing up my mum made the holidays magical for myself and my three sisters, which she would say ‘I have taken to a whole new level of crazy’. 

Pip & Co easter party table

It may be a bit crazy but organising this party kept me sane amongst uni assignments and mum life. 

Pip & Co Easter Table Angle View

Pip is two and due to a couple of allergies plus our own personal journey of cutting out sugar and processed food all the kids food and drink was refined sugar-free: Orange choc fudge Bliss Balls, Berry coconut jelly lollies, Popcorn clusters, Hot cross buns, Fruit cups Vege cups and Luke Hines’ Ridic Rocky Road 

Pip & Co Easter Party Cake with Bunnies

The cake was a treat for the adults made up of three layers of Victoria Sponge raspberry coulis filling and white chocolate butter cream icing. 

Pip & Co easter party milk bottles

The kids all went on an Easter egg hunt searching for Easter eggs that were filled with stickers that they then could stick on a cardboard cut out rabbit this was a perfect activity for the 12, 2-3 year old kids we had over.

Pip & Co easter party Egg

Pip & Co Easter party Table Close Up

We went for a subtle hint of bunny using the gorgeous Hubble and Duke bunny socks matched with dusky pinks and greys.

Pip wears:

Hat – Beau Bonnets

Top – Country road

Bloomers – Julie Dausell

Socks – Hubble and Duke

Photos by Brylee Mills Photography




Asher’s 5th Birthday – FEATURED PARTY!

I’m so proud to present Asher’s 5th birthday as one of our featured parties!

Thanks Sheena for letting me share x

Asher 5 BalloonTurning five is such a special milestone which we wanted to make very memorable.

With all the changes about to take place with starting school we wanted to make it really special.

Asher Balloons

Plus let’s be honest we also wanted to celebrate five years of parenthood to the son who made us parents. 

Ashers 5th Birthday Balloons

The party decorations were based around a star theme as he is our shining star.

I also made him a special piece of wall art with the quote ‘shine like the stars’ as a sentimental birthday gift. It was nice to tie this into the theme.

magicbw (1 of 1) c4copyfinal copy

We started the morning at home with family & then moved on to the Adventure park to celebrate with his friends.

Ashers Birthday Table

He had an amazing day with lots of laughter & fun.

Ashers Party Table Left Side

Ashers Party Bags

Ashers Party Table Centre

Ashers 5th Birthday Right Side Table

At the end of the day when I tucked him in bed I asked him like I always do what his favourite part of the day was. It was a simple answer which I didn’t predict, “the balloons Mum”. 

Asher Birthday Cake

Sometimes it’s the small things that bring the greatest joy.

Ashers Party Marble Balloon

The biggest happy 5th birthday to our beautiful boy Asher.

Ashers Cake Close Up

Ashers Table Close Up

Ashers Cake

Asher 5

CAKE – Sheena

CAKE TOPPER – Love From Seventeen



A LIGHT – Little Letter Lights

A CUPS + NOM NOM PLATE – Little Mash

Thanks so much for letting me share your amazing party Sheena xx




Beauman Party – FEATURED PARTY!

Table spread

I spotted Hiedee’s Beauman (Batman) party on Instagram when she tagged me in her photos featuring some of our party supplies.  I have to say I get so excited every time I see what our customers create with our products!

Party room

I can’t believe my batman obsessed mini has turned 3.  When Beau said he wanted a batman party, I immediately cringed as my strong aversion to licensed characters kicked in.   As I replied “sure I can do that”, my brain was working overtime at how I could create the ultimate batman party for my little super hero a fun and classy affair.  And not cost a bomb!


I’m a handmade lover and DIY addict, so this challenge was right up my alley.  Being a small business owner and a single mum, I’m pretty time poor.  So I recruited my two minis to help.  They had many project playdates with mum!  The invitations were hand stamped, the party bags were made from black and white striped paper bags and we stamped batman onto sticker paper, cut them out and stuck them on the front. 

Batman brooches

They contained the usual loot plus a handmade fabric covered button batman brooch for the party goers to wear. 


Piñatas – well they’re a pricey affair!  So I decided to make my own and kept it pretty simple.  I purchased a $2 paper lantern, reinforced the bottom with cardboard and let the kids loose with the glue gun and glue sticks covering it in layers of crepe paper.  The top layer was fringed crepe paper and the bat mask I cut out on my cutting machine – total cost $4.50!

Party bag stacks

Party bags

I made food boxes for the kids – I love this idea as clean-up is a cinch and there’s minimal waste as the kids can take the boxes home. 

Batman lunch boxes

The boxes were filled with my idea of party food – fresh berries, popcorn, mini sandwiches, a couple of marshmallows and a batman biscuit. 


The drink bottles were from my collection of glassware – to dress up the drinks we stuck a bat mask sticker on them and popped in a black and white straw. The perfect drinking vessel for any superhero! 

Drink bottles

I’m not going to lie, I’m a total foodie, a true lover of baking and cooking. 

Adult food

The menu for the adults included a gorgeous spread of lamb and rosemary sausage rolls, feta and red onion tarts, apricot and white chocolate slice, fresh berries and passion fruit.   Leftovers – minimal!


The cake I kept pretty simple – it was just a two cake high chocolate mud cake iced with chocolate icing.  The paper cake topper I made using my cutting machine (scissors work fine too) and the cake wrap I stitched up in a jiffy using striped black and white fabric and binding.  Incredibly easy and cheap as chips.

Beau and cake

Decorations – we decorated our living space with bunches of black and white balloons and a couple of black honeycomb paper balls for over the table.  Total cost $10. 

Gotham City

And no batman party would be complete without Gotham City.  My dad spray painted a massive cardboard box black and I used yellow washi tape to make the outline of the buildings.  The batman symbols were free downloadable templates.  The super heroes truly loved zooming in and out of our handmade Gotham City.

Suspender shorts

And finally, no party of mine is complete without a Bean Sprout handmade outfit for the birthday boy.  Beau’s black and white grid suspender shorts fitted in nicely with our colour theme and he looked oh sooo dashing!

Beau 2

Parties don’t have to cost a bomb!  Make sure you plan ahead and if you have the time, find your inner crafting self and have a go at DIY.  Get your kids to help – what kid doesn’t love being a party helper?  There really is no better feeling than looking back and thinking my kids and I made all that!

Maisie and Beau

Proud mum moment

Thanks so much Hiedee for sharing Beauman’s Party!!



Birthday Outfit – Bean Sprout

Batman Stamp – Sandra Maine Printmaker

Invitation template stamp – Yellow Owl Workshop

Selected Party Supplies – Pop Roc Parties




Sophie’s Camping Party

Pop Roc Parties Blog Camp Sophie (8)

As soon as I saw Nikki post her party planning pics on instagram for Sophie’s 5th birthday I knew it was gonna be a goody!  Lucky for us Nikki has sent through more photos of Sophie’s Camping Party to feature on the blog, thanks Nikki x



When I started planning Sophie’s 5th birthday, I knew I wanted it to be something really special – I started planning at least 5 months before her actual birthday. This also gave me something to distract myself from the fact that my first baby would be 5 soon!
I came up with the camping theme after spotting The Humble Hearts gorgeous tepees on Instagram. I love the look of natural wood, white and mint together so that quickly became the color scheme for ‘Camp Sophie‘. I got a gorgeous custom banner made by Love From Seventeen and of course most of the other items for the table from Pop Roc Parties!

Pop Roc Parties Blog Camp Sophie (7)

The cake and food were nice and simple, and things that I could prepare a day or two before the party. I did a plain chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Pop Roc Parties Blog Camp Sophie (6)

The food was just yummy kids party food – cookies, brownie, popcorn, cupcakes, chocolate mousse, meringues and smore pops.

Pop Roc Parties Blog Camp Sophie (2)

For the games we had the standard pass the parcel (to the song Sophie by Goodshirt!). Then we had a fishing hole with little bags of bait as the prize and a Guess the Gummy Bears game.

Pop Roc Parties Blog Camp Sophie (5)

I printed over 150 square photos and did a huge gallery wall of Sophie over the past 5 years – everyone loved looking at them, and I think they might actually be a semi-permanent feature for awhile!

Pop Roc Parties Blog Camp Sophie (11)

My sister and I made the camp fire – we gathered rocks from the river, collected branches from a friends tree and made the flames from cardboard and paper mache. Together with tents from Cotton On Kids and Kmart, the camp fire made a cute little setting for the kids to sit around.

Pop Roc Parties Blog Camp Sophie (3)

Even though it was raining and we had to have the party inside, everyone had a lovely time and it will definitely be one we will remember for awhile!

Pop Roc Parties Blog Camp Sophie (10)

Pop Roc Parties Blog Camp Sophie (9)

Gingerbread House Party

I was very excited to be invited to a Gingerbread House Party by some amazing ladies/bloggers who I have been following for years!  Melissa from The Best Nest hosted and we were joined by Penny of The Little Housewife, Aimee of My Beloved Style and Megan from Thread

Gingerbread House Party Xmas

It was so much fun helping set up the party with Melissa.

Gingerbread House Party Table

Gingerbread House Party

We decorated our gingerbread houses than Penny lovingly baked whilst chatting away

Gingerbread House Party Table Setting

You can find Penny’s gingerbread cookie recipe here

Gingerbread House Party End of Table

She even made Melissa’s sons these gingerbread men to decorate, too cute!

Gingerbread House Party Honeycomb Tree

With the set up we kept it simple and traditional with a red, white, green and silver colour scheme

Gingerbread House Party Side of Table

Our green ball pint jars were perfect for storing our piping bags

Gingerbread House Party Sprinkles

 Christmas pearl sprinkles, reindeer’s and pine tree toppers were a gingerbread house decorating essential

Gingerbread House Party Lollies in Crates

All the fun and colourful candy was supplied by Sweet Scoop which is available at selected New World and Pak n Save supermarkets.

Gingerbread House Party Lollies In Enamel Bowls

Sitting pretty in our white enamel bowls which are on our website to buy and available to hire

Gingerbread House Party Andersons Cherryade Crate

Anderson’s crate

Gingerbread House Party School Milk Crate

I had so much fun putting together my house

Gingerbread House Party My House

Gingerbread House Party House Front View

Gingerbread House Party Ginger Bread House Angle View

Especially using Sweet Scoop fizzy bricks cut up as bricks for the side of my gingerbread house

Gingerbread House Party Berries in Gold Hexagon Platter

Delicious berries served on our gold hexagon tray which is also part of our hire collection

Gingerbread House Party Wrapped Up

Our very cute finished houses!

Thanks for having us Melissa xx

Decorations supplied by Spotlight + Pop Roc Parties

Candy supplied by Sweet Scoop

Wilton piping bags, sprinkles and baking decorations from Spotlight

p.s check out The Best Nest for more party pics!