Treatie Tube Ice Sticks & Rhubarb Sunrise

Pop Roc Parties Rhubarb Sunrise

I spotted these darling fruity ice sticks over on We are Scout and I thought I would give them a try using our Treatie Tubes I was so happy it worked

Pop Roc Parties Fruity Ice Sticks in Treatie Tubes

I cut up some strawberries and mint, you could also use blueberries

Fill the treatie tubes with strawberries and mint or whatever combination you prefer and then fill with water

Pop Roc Parties Fruity Sticks

Stand the filled treatie tubes up in a jar or tall glass and place in the freezer until frozen

Pop Roc Parties Fruity Ice Sticks

Once you’re ready to serve drinks place into a jar or mini milk bottle and serve with a cute paper straw

Serve with your favourite summer drink or try our Rhubarb Sunrise – recipe below!

Pop Roc Parties Rhubarb Sunrise Quilted Jar


20mls Barkers Rhubarb with raspberries and rosehip fruit syrup (available online or at Pak n Save + New World)

200mls Pulpy orange juice (I used Keri Orange & Mango Pulpy fruit juice)

100mls Top with sparkling water (I used Antipodes)

And for a dash of sanity add a shot of vodka!

Add a fruit ice stick and straw for a refreshing cocktail x

I think these drinks look stunning a our large quilted jars which are also available to hire